Free Advice & Support to start-ups and growing businesses in Oxfordshire

What is the initial FREE support?

The initial FREE support is typically either two meetings of one hour duration, or one two hour meeting. Partners can at their discretion provide further FREE support dependent on specific circumstances and that the company is based in Oxfordshire. CONTACT US

How does a business qualify for ongoing FREE support?

Partner? are able to provide a broad range of ongoing FREE support to SME’s who commit to direct their existing or planned expenditure via the partnership and its partners. CONTACT US

So how does this ongoing FREE support work?

In response to your enquiry, and after completion of a short questionnaire, you will be contacted by a partner. This partner will arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, and you may start to receive FREE support at that meeting. Ongoing FREE support is then based on you agreeing to direct some of your existing and or planned expenditure via Partner? On that basis and subject to agreement you will continue to receive either FREE support, or discounted support, subject to the agreement reached. CONTACT US